BRUCE'S FINGERS distributors

For what are probably obvious reasons, our favourite option is that you buy your Bruce's Fingers recordings directly from us; that way, the maximum amount of anything you spend goes towards musicians' fees and the costs of new recordings.

However, there may be reasons why you'd prefer to order from a local distributor, or a supplier you deal with regularly. Here, then, is our list of recommended sources...

BIMBO TOWER (Paris, France) 5 Passage Saint Antoine, 75011 Paris, France. Telephone: 0033 (0) 149 299 888; Fax: 0033 (0) 149 299 888

BLACKWELL'S (Oxford, England)

DAWSON BOOKS (Rushden, England)

IMPROJAZZ (Blois, France)

The JAZZ LOFT (Bellevue WA, USA)

MEGATALOGO (Sarzana, Italy) Via Alla Fortezza 10, 19038 Sarzana SP, Italy. Telephone/fax: +187.627893

METAMKINE (Rives, France)

MINIMAMEDIA (Berlin, Germany)


N.V.STRAETDOORN (Halle, Belgium)

OPEN DOOR (Freudenstadt, Germany)

ReR MEGACORP (Thornton Heath, England)


VOLCANIC TONGUE (Glasgow, Scotland)

please note: not all of these distributors carry the full range of BF releases

Simon Rose photo © Johny Bates 2005

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