Derek Bailey & Simon H. Fell

BRUCE'S FINGERS... forthcoming releases

Here's what's in the pipeline at BF headquarters at the moment. If you have a particular interest in anything listed below, then feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the latest info, or to place an advance order.

short term:
[material which is in the process of being mastered / manufactured etc, and which is due to be released soon(ish)]

Warm Things is an album from the Russian 'electrochamber' group Happy55, with Gennadiy Chuhlov (clarinet), Yaroslav Borisov (piano), Alexander Bityutskikh (drums) and Nikita Bondarenko (electronics). This should be ready for release in late 2016.

 The final album for December 2016 is from a 2008 incarnation of Chris Burn's Ensemble. Find out more about Densités 2008 here.

medium term:
[material which is recorded, mastered and ready to go, and which we hope to release (or hope another label will release) some time in the future. If you're reading this list on behalf of an adventurous record label, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you might be interested in putting something out....]

currently nothing here....

long term:
[material which is in preparation / mixing / mastering as we speak, and may become available in the longer term. Well, we hope so...]

The Kite Continuum is a new Paris-based trio featuring Richard Comte on guitar, Makoto Sato on drums and Simon Fell on bass. Their first recording, featuring duos and trios, is in the process of being mixed.

We hope to release some pieces by Egyptian electronic music composer / sound artist Jacqueline George in early 2017.

We hope to release an album by Finnish multi-intrumentalist and composer Tomi Pekkola in early 2017.

please note: situations sometimes change quickly, so don't take any of the above info as immutable fact! And apologies to any projects we've forgotten to list......

image: Simon Fell & Derek Bailey at Sound 323 [© Mark Wastell 2001]