Graham Halliwell (saxophone, amplified saxophone and feedback saxophone)


 - recorded and performed with artists as diverse as Rhodri Davies, Matt Davis, Mark Wastell, Taku Unami, Bernhard Günter, Richard Chartier, Eddie Prévost, Simon Fell and Simon Vincent.  He is currently a member of +minus, VHF and a new trio with Eddie Prévost and Mark Wastell. 


- current (2005) recording projects include new +minus material with guest artists Clive Bell, Steve Roden and Toshi Nakamura, and a solo recording for Confront ("Recorded Delivery") of collaborations with Rhodri Davies, Steve Roden and Mark Wastell exploring the nature of interference tones using improvisation, sound collage and overdubbing.  L'innomable will be releasing the second VHF CD in the autumn. 


- primary influences are the music and writing of Morton Feldman, the experimentation of Alvin Lucier, Pierre Schaeffer and Eliane Radigue, and the visual art of the American Abstract Expressionists.


- recordings available on Absurd, Erstwhile, Trente Oiseaux, Confront, Sonic Arts Network, L'innomable and Bruce's Fingers.


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