Badland © Johny Bates 2005

BRUCE'S FINGERS: the subscription option

Yes, we know. Things appear on the BF website sporadically and unpredictably, at intervals varying from a few weeks to maybe a year or so. Even if you were a keen visitor of our website, you might lose heart at the number of times you have a look and there's nothing new available. And then something appears just when you're not looking...

Of course, every time something is added to the site, we e-mail everyone on the e-mailing-list to let them know. But e-mail delivery is pretty unreliable at the best of times, especially if you have tight spam filtering, or don't check through your junk mail folder.

So what can you do? Subscribe, that's what! Click here to investigate the Bruce's Fingers subscription options. It's all very exciting...

Badland photo [Hull 2005] Johny Bates

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