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BRUCE'S FINGERS formats [technical info]                                              


Analogue (compact) cassette was the first format we employed, back in the early 1980s. Although the format has pretty much had its day, some releases are still available in this form, although these will be phased out as stocks decline. All cassettes use chrome tape and are professionally duplicated in real time. If you would like a CD copy making (from the original master) of a release currently only available on cassette, e-mail and let us know.


LPs are pretty straightforward - there aren't many left in the catalogue, but all vinyl is new, and packed with care! If you would like a CD copy making (from the original master) of a release currently only available on LP, e-mail and get in touch.


Most currently available CDs featured on this site are replicated (pressed) CDs, although a minority are duplicated (recorded) CDs.

For a small number of Bruce's Fingers releases dating from 1999-2004, duplicated CDs were sometimes used in order to make (or keep) certain music available where replication was not a viable option for various practical reasons. BF duplicated CDs were professionally prepared by a specialist company, using the highest possible quality media, and were packaged with exactly the same industrially printed booklets & inlays as replicated CDs; the discs themselves were printed, not labelled. The key point is that at the time this was the only way we could enable you to hear the music in question in the CD format... However, we no longer use this option, and the discs in question will either be deleted or switched to replicated discs when the duplicated stock is exhausted. For your information, the following BF CDs are currently still being supplied in this professionally-duplicated CD format: Axis Of Cavity, Picture August, Bogey's.

More recently, since 2017, we've been offering certain digital albums in a "burnt-to-order collectors' edition CDR", with hand-assembled cardboard sleeves. These albums will be clearly marked as such on the Bandcamp derscription page.

Any deleted BF albums which are no longer available in their original format can be supplied as a burned-to-order CDR if required. The discs will be label-printed, numbered and signed, and will be supplied with either the original printed paper booklets and inlays, or a facsimile. More details will be found on the appropriate release pages, or e-mail us if you want further information on a specific release.

CDs from other labels are supplied as provided by the labels concerned. Mainly these will be replicated, but some may be duplicated - if you are familiar with the label in question, you may know what to expect. If you need more information about a specific release, e-mail.

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