BRUCE'S FINGERS ordering recordings . . . . .

If you'd like to order some Bruce's Fingers recordings, here's a quick guide to what you need to know.

Prices standard prices for BF releases are CDs £10.00 [or £9.50], double CDs £15.00, LPs £5.00, cassettes £5.00. 7in singles/EPs, scores and other items are as priced.
These prices are derived from the costs involved in manufacturing, creative developments, and all the 1001 overheads involved in publishing this music. Unlike some labels dealing in experimental music, we don't believe in giving the music away, or heavily subsidising it from non-musical income (we haven't any!). We believe in asking a fair price for the music, repaying at least some of the costs involved, and trying to offer fees to participating musicians. [As the cost of manufacturing CDs continues to fall, we hope that some time soon we will be able to reduce our CD prices even further - watch this space.]

The price of releases on other labels is dictated by what that label charges us as their wholesale price; if for some reason this is particularly high, then I'm afraid that may result in slightly higher prices for some of these items.

For more information on methods of payment, click here.

Shipping shipping charges will show in your shopping cart, and will depend on what you have ordered; click here for further info about shipping extras and delivery times.

*N.B.* We're currently in the process of switching our mail order catalogue from the default PayPal shopping cart to a new Bandcamp PayPal interface - because it's more sophisticated, and shipping prices will therefore more closely reflect both the weight of items ordered and your geographical location (and local currency). This should mean more reasonable shipping costs for many of you, and more accurate shipping costs for everyone. At the same time, we are switching our default shipping mode to priority/air mail, so you should see some improvement in shipping times too.
However, this changeover will take some time, as individual items need to be revised one by one. If during the transition period you wish to order multiple items and they appear in two different shopping carts, either (i) checkout both separately and we will refund any overpayment on receipt of your order, or (ii) e-mail us with a list of the items you wish to order and we'll send you a Paypal invoice for the correct amount. Please bear with us during the transition, and accept our apologies for any confusion which may be engendered.

Special offers sometimes recordings are available at reduced prices; click here for the current selection. Special prices will also be pointed out on the appropriate catalogue pages. Click here for our quantity discounts order pages : single CDs   double CDs.

Formats if you're interested in details, click here for extra information about the formats our recordings are available in.

That's probably enough for a quick guide; hopefully everything else will be self-explanatory! If not, e-mail.

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